EZCASHMAILER is an advertising system where members send promotional emails to each other and to their downlines. Our program works through a viral system that allows members to recruit others and build downlines. Members can earn money by reselling a membersip to their downlines and can send them promotional emails as well. EZCASHMAILER works as a safelist and as a viral downline builder.
First of all, when you registered, you get to verify your email address by clicking a link that our system sends in the "Welcome email". After verification login to your account and activate your membership by paying to your direct upline (you will see the instructions inside of your member area). Once your upline confirmed your payment you are qualified to invite new members, receive unlimited payments of $3, $6, $12, $24 and $48 directly to your Alertpay or additional payment account and send promotional emails to other members of the program. How many members you get to email and how often you get to email them depends on your level. Upgrades to a higher membership level are conveniently done from your personal back-office. There are 5 levels of membership in our program. Member with "Membership level 1" can send promotional emails to 200 random members or his downline up to 10 levels every 11 days. Membres with "Membership level 2" can send to 400 random members every 9 days and so on. See below for a detailed description of the capacity of members of each level.

Membership Level* Price (one time fee) Earning** Can send emails to random members: Can send email to downline members: Can send emails every..
1 $3 100% 200 To all up to 10 levels deep 11 days
2 $6 100% 400 To all up to 10 levels deep 9 days
3 $12 100% 800 To all up to 10 levels deep 7 days
4 $24 100% 1600 To all up to 10 levels deep 5 days
5 $48 100% 3200 To all up to 10 levels deep 3 days
*Members can NOT skip levels. Initially bought level 1, then 2, then 3 and so on.
**Make sure that you are not passed over any sale. Our program requires you to purchase the package that you sell your referrals. For example, if you purchased a Membership Level # 1 only and someone from your referrals decided to buy a Membership Level #2 you will pass up this purchase to your direct or indirect REFERRER, who have already purchased this Memebrship Level.

Let's summarize. What you get when joining in EZCASHMAILER:

pic Instant Commission Payments to You - via ALertpay, LibertyReserve, SolidTrustPay and other payment systems. You get paid directly - not by EZCASHMAILER, but by your own referrals. Each person you directly sell an initial membership level to, can buy from you a new membership levels again and again... and you can make a LOT of cash in a hurry!

pic Safe List system and control panel (that most of us are already used to using) with no free membership options - this is for serious marketers only.

pic Mail out your ads and get your ads READ by the other members!
The system is easy to use (one click mailing).

picInitial Membership in THE EZCASHMAILER costs is only $3.00. Get your cost back… the very first time you use our system!

pic You will get full instructions in your welcome email once you sign up. Everything you need to get started will be provided.